Italian title: "Se mi ami sopravvalutami" by Viviana Viviani

The collection of the author, Viviana Viviani, brings with it a breath of fresh air and a series of features that make it absolutely unique, at least in my personal literary landscape (which is not huge, I admit).

The writings reveal an absolute mastery of the Italian language, in all its nuances; a subtle vein of humor, slight slight, just a touch, distributed with an unparalleled sagacity and - at times - in some poems - a "technological" component, typical of Viviana's background, which gives the work a combination of "humanistic" and "science" that makes it absolutely unique.

Who, like me, was endowed with both "sensitivities", can only be captivated by the beauty of the verses that unwind in the brain creating images of rare power. A whirlwind of emotions that drives you to avidly read the next poem, to see what surprises the author has in store, what combinations she has made ... what she "managed to invent".

I cannot fail to quote a single verse, from the poem "Don't send me your dick in chat" (Italian title: "Non mandarmi il tuo c@zzo in chat"), in which, dealing with the subject of unsolicited sending of explicit photos to women, at a certain point it appears, as if by magic this verse:

"Pixel swords drawn into thin air"

Next I will quote the poem “The young printer and the old inkwell” (Italian title: "La giovane stampante ed il vecchio calamaio"), I don't know why, but - in its apparent simplicity, it managed to hit me with really positive emotions.

In short, whether you are a nerd, or a humanist, Viviana Viviani's book cannot and should not be missing in your library.



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