DISCLAIMER: this article was NOT written by doctors. Therefore, everything reported therein IS NOT A MEDICAL COUNCIL. However, these are data verified by various public sources.


The attack mechanism of the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been analyzed, and it mainly consists in exploiting defects of the immune system, in particular the low levels of ImmunoGlobulin A and high levels of INTERLEUCHINA-6 and in general an insufficient level of B lymphocytes and T and dopamine (neuro transmitter). Coronavirus disease was also considered to cause the lowering of alpha and beta interferons. For these reasons, it is useful, to treat the disease, to restore the functions of the immune system to medium effective levels, instead of bombarding experimental drugs, which, with their serious side effects, cause serious damage to patients and in too many cases they reveal themselves ineffective. On the other hand, without a double-blind test on these drugs, it appears difficult to determine whether a patient's recovery can be attributed to the drug or to the natural reaction of the immune system.

It is important to consider that the problems created by the virus are the speed of replication, the ability to hide and the rapid attack (in about 15% of cases) of the lower respiratory tract with more or less pronounced pulmonary complications: pulmonary complications consist of edemas interstitial due to the accumulation of liquids which, by preventing the exchange of gas, make breathing difficult.

For the foregoing, the following question arises: the oral administration of an herbal tea based on uncaria tomentosa (UT) up to three times a day (morning - evening) accompanied by a herbal tea of ​​astragalus root (AR) once per day (evening)...would not be useful?

It would seem a more effective and less invasive solution for the body, for the following reasons:

As a primary active ingredient, Uncaria Tomentosa has pentacyclic oxindolic alkaloids which stimulate the production of B and T lymphocytes with great efficacy by stimulating endothelial cells; in addition, as secondary active ingredients, it includes quinovic acid glycosides, sterols and polyphenols whose combined action reduces the inflammatory state (normalizing interleukin-6 levels) and carries out anti-inflammatory actions (reduction and / or prevention of pulmonary edema).

The root Astragalus also performs an immune-stimulating function thanks to the presence, in its active ingredients, of polysaccharides (raising of immunoglobulins A and G and interferons); in addition, also containing triterpene saponins, flavonoids and pyogenic amines, it acts to contrast the spleen and intestinal lymph nodes atrophy and promotes the phagocytic capacity and the transformation of T lymphocytes.

Thanks to saponins, it also performs an important hepato-protective function by stimulating the regeneration of hepatocytes. The adaptogenic effect produced by its active ingredients should also be considered: this is expressed in the reduction of oxygen consumption by the mitochondria, raises the body's level of tolerance to stress and reduces the side effects of the use of antibiotics (tiredness and asthenia). Finally, it reduces blood pressure by intervening on the metabolism of potassium and sodium (thus also carrying out a cardiotonic action).

Obviously, and please be careful, herbs can also (in rare cases) have adverse reactions to the active ingredients, and may have greater or lesser effectiveness depending on the overall starting situation.

It is believed that this solution should lead to a significant reduction in complications, significantly reducing the percentage of Covid-19 patients with medium and severe complications. Overall, being able to adopt the suggested therapy also as a preventive measure, the infection should be reduced to levels below the flu level and both the dead and the serious cases should drop.

If further complications should arise, which should always be monitored and reported immediately to the competent health authority, such as high temperature or bacterial infections, nothing prevents, indeed, it is probably suggested, to apply the universally known standard solutions, such as antipyretics , antibiotics, or cortisone drugs

To conclude, I repeat that neither the editor of the article, nor the one who has undergone his research, which are reported here, are doctors.

Nonetheless, strictly speaking, the solution proposed here would seem adequate, at least on a preventive level.

It seems to us a good idea to adopt a preventive strategy, against Covid infection19, which consists of an infusion or decoction based on Uncaria Tomentosa 2 times a day, and one of Astragalus root, once a day.

What has been stated so far does NOT constitute medical advice, and does NOT replace the opinion of the doctor, who we invite you to always consult.

In particular, in the case of suspected contagion from Covid-19.


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