From an early age, I always found it very fun to rewrite the lyrics of the songs ... Some compositions are ... decidedly spicy, others lighter, in any case here is a "collector", a kind of goliardic playlist ?

Si è ammalato un uomo in bagno (Crazy cover of the song "Hanno ucciso l'uomo ragno", by 883)
Text inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic, of course

Uffa Prodì (Crazy cover of the song Ufo Robot di Albertelli-Tempera)
Text inspired by Italian politics in the years of Roano Prodi (2006/2007)
(sorry for sound quality, at that time I hadn't good instruments, we're talking about year 2009!)

Morto Bianca (Crazy cover fo the song Albachiara by Vasco Rossi)
Joking lyrics created by me and my old friend Mike

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