Here are some persons I'd like to remember. The reason is all contained and resumed by this quote:

 -" For all of my life I've met almost everything... maybe some honest man, but men only... those never !" 
-" They're just the ones I'm speaking about: meet them almost never, but are the only ones that count!" 
(from movie: My name is Nobody)

KAROL WOJTYLA (May 18th 1920 - April 2nd 2005)

Because the man that he's been, and forever will be in our hearts. For he has been a courageous Pope, nonconformist, nice. For he has paid for the suffering that life gave him and offered them to us all in perpetual example of sacrifice . For having carried out his mission with humility, but with great power; for having had a major role in the revolutions of the 80s and 90s. But most of all: for all the wonderful images of joy he gave us, in the years he was our Guide, and in particular for this one, which captures his essence.


Giorgio Lorefice

Chief of firemen, on January 26th 2005, he intervened in a fire at a storage of LPG in Serra Riccò (GE). In an attempt to tame the fire, and while screaming in order to inform the persons present, including his colleagues, the imminent danger, was hit by the explosion of a cylinder. He had placed his duty and live of the other before his own life, and we should remember him for that.


Emanuele Petri 

Italian Civil Golden Medal
"Committed to escort travelers on the Rome-Florence train, seeing two suspicious people, decided, together with other colleagues, to conduct checks. It followed a violent struggle during which it was shot to death by some gun shots fired by the two, turned out to be dangerous terrorists, thus, by the sacrifice of his life, capturing the same. Shining example of devotion to duty, courage and professional competence at the service of society."

Emanuele Petri
In the shadow of judges Falcone and Borsellino, lives spent, sacrified for an ideal, sure of being right, on the side of people. Too often they are forgiven, but the guardian angels of killed judges shared their lives, and had shared their death. We should remembre them forever, and remember they was a part of law enforcement, that too many times are criticized, often without a reason. Agostino Catalano, Vincenzo Li Muli, Walter Cosina, Claudio Traina, Emanuela Loi, Antonio Montinaro, Rocco Di Cillo e Vito Schifani

Nicola Calipari

Official of SISMI, shy man, and upright in doing his duties. He went in Irak's hell voluntarily, to take out one of our countryman kidnapped. He succeedeed, but at the last corner he had to take a decision, and he took it, sacrificing himself to totally fulfill his duty, to complete his mission and save the hostage.

 Nicola Calipari

Carlo Urbani

He had a mission, a duty to fulfill: "We must not be selfish, I have to think about others. " So he said, aware of the risk, but tough to study and fight against SARS. 
SARS has killed him, but if we continue to remember him, and if you take example from him, the Dr.Urbani will live forever, in us.

Carlo Urbani

Natale Morea

Homeless, but with a very big heart, he defended 5 girls by two robbers, he saved them, but he was beated very hard, going in coma state. He was great not turning his head away, like we do, too often. Now he's dead for the consequences of that beating, and I think it's fair to remember him.

 (image not available)

Ivan Rossi

The great courage of an act that should be normal. He jumped into the water, with rough sea, to rescue swimmers in some serious difficulties. And he paid the highest price. Kudos to you, Ivan.

 Ivan Rossi
I do not pretend to be impartial or comprehensive. I'm not: I'm a human being, and I've written what I felt.
Others may write what is significant for them, to remeber is important, to learn is important...

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