Here's the walktrough (solution) of the escape game Whitechamber:

1) Click on dust box, and collect purple blocks

2) Click on shelf and collect the controller

3) click twice on motorcycle and then click on center of engine, collecting yellow chip 4) Click on left, to rotate view around the motorcycle, until you'll see a tiny key, get it.

5) Go left, click on shelf over garage's door, collect the grey key

6) Go right, click on the motorcycle's seat, click on the keyhole, then on the grey key in inventory, and get the wrench

7) Return to main view, go left, click on table and on book, click again on book to move pages, and collect half of a sheet

8) Return to main view and click under table, collect 3 items (mount, stick and hook)

9) Return to main view and go left to the poster, click on it, there is a red chip in the picture: collect it. 

10) Go left, when in front of the door, near the window, click high. There's second half of sheet on ceiling. Grab it with stick.

11) Go right to the box on wall, in corner. Click on the wire that exit from box, click on the object along the wire, high.

12) Use the tiny key with it.

13) Return down and click on the box, it opens, revealing two buttons (red and blue)

14) Notice the sheet you have: it's MORSE CODE, clicking on the buttons reveals that red makes long sound and blue makes short sound...

15) So red is LINE in MORSE code, and blue is DOT.

16) Type in the word OPEN, clicking QUICKLY the following combinations (RRR - BRRB - B - RB)

17) Now you have a blue door on left of the box

18) Click on remote control in the inventory, then click the (i) to expand picture, then click on the low corner of the control

19) Click on yellow and red chips you have in inventory to have them inserted. Exit view and return in front of blue door.

20) Use remote control in this way: a) click on big button b) click on the door to open it and collect anything c) repeat a) and b)

21) Now you should have: a mirror, a binocular and a blue chip

22) Same way as above, insert blue chip in remote control and use it again on blue door, clicking on big button until color on control becomes blue

23) Click on door and get headlight

24) Return to garage's door, there is a tiny hole on right of it, click on it, click on hook then click on hole again. Now hook is in the hole... use mirror with hook.

25) Return to motorcycle, center view on it, then click left and up. Click on mount, then on moto, in the place of headlight, then on headlight itself, then on moto, in the right place for it.

26) Click up, and insert the key in its hole in the motorcycle. Light shoud be lighted now.

27) Exit byke's view, by clicking down, and go right to the window, then click on it. Now you see...

28) Click on binocular then on the little target on the far wall in the other room. Write code (6 digit)

29) Return to motorcycle view, go where you inserted the key, and click on the buttons, they are in order from left to right: 12345, use first 5 digit of the code (6th shuold be "6")

30) Click on the gas handle, revealing 6th button, then click on it.

31) Click under the handle (white arrow pointing the tire). Click on the box under the tire, click on "OK", get purple chip.

32) Return in front of blue door, use purple chip in remote control (click on grey to remove it, then on purple in inventory).

33) Use remote control on door until light is purple

34) Open door and click on blue button, then click on purple block in inventory, notice line and dot on them... yes: MORSE CODE AGAIN

35) You must spell HELP ( .... / . / .-.. / .--. ), clicking blue button after every letter's code, then yellow button.

36) Now you have golden key, use it on the moto, then click button 6.


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