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In the Klondike Lost Adventure facebook game, there is a bonus, consisting in a mine sweeper game, named Leontius' Mines, that make you get a lot of interesting items, for the game.

Here are some hints about solving it (in a random order). Enjoy.

I will assume that you are NOT a beginner, I'll assume that you are familiar with the simple concept that: if you haw TWO mines uncovered near (close to) a "number 2" then you can click every other covered cell near (close to) "that 2"

This particular game, gives you a "free 1st mine" bonus. That is: the very 1st mine you uncover does NOT kick you out of the game.


The first thing I'd like to suggest, is to start with a middle border cell:

You can get one out of three results: a mine, an 1 or another number.

1) If yopu get "another number" then change completely and choose another "middle border cell" to start from.

2) If you get a mine, then check for the TWO cells immediately next to it, along the border, until you uncover a "1" . Try ONLY two cells near that mine


I like to have a place where websites I've done are collected

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Novotec Informatica Genova  Customer askedI for using TIM Digital Store  platform http://novoteksrl.it 
DAURI Website Italian singer Dauri https://dauri.it
Jannu Personal website of a friend of mine https://jannu.it

Forum about general arguments, born on the ashes of the forum Clarence, which was abandoned, at the beginning it was published with Altervista, nowadays it's a subdomain of this website, and it's still mantained, because nostalgy 😊

Il link è in alto




This guide, originally written for Teslacrypt, has proved to be of some use to other ransomware as well, for example AVADDON (.avdn)

I add the following information, specific to the AVADDON virus:

  • There is NO way to recover files, given the methods used to encrypt them (any updates will be written in this same article)
  • DO NOT PAY, because it appears that the criminals DO NOT give the unlock code, it seems that it really does not exist and the criminals are NOT found in any way

Ransomware Infection

Let's start by establishing how you got the ransomware. The most known and used infection mechanism is the sending of a false email in which, in some way, you are invited to click on an attachment. And there are many ways to hide malicious code in an attachment, one of them is to send a zipped file which contains inside a js file (javascript) having the same name. This way it runs right away, and you're already screwed!

I received in Facebook this advertising (in Italian, but I think a similar thing may exist in any other part of the world):

Can't you watch Netflix or play your favorite video game because your Wifi is too slow?
tn debunking repeater

Thanks to Wifi Booster you can:

✅ Increase the speed of your Wifi by 97%
✅ Extend the range of your wifi to 200 meters
✅ Watch movies or play online for up to 7 people ...

And I immediately become suspicious, also because it is NOT POSSIBLE TO INCREASE the speed of the home wifi. The maximum possible speed is the one you arrive at by connecting a cable to the router and checking with a speed test site.
When you connect a wifi, a certain loss of signal is physiological, and the further you move away from the router, the more the signal loses quality and, therefore, the speed of the wi-fi drops.
What can be done is only one thing: take the signal where it is still good and repeat it in the rest of the house. And it is what this object does, infact it's just a normal wi-fi repeater.

I connected to the site to which this advertisement referred, and I did not find any Italian VAT number. I looked for who the domain was registered to, and I didn't find it.
I look at the price and understand everything. This item "with the fabulous 50% discount" is on sale at 59 € !!

I don't add anything else, you can check for yourself, on amazon or on another site, how much a good wi-fi repeater should cost. (I tell you, about 30 €, and take a good one)

In the photo below you can see the real price of the repeater in question (at least: the photo is the same)


tn debunking repeater2

   Moral of the story: ALWAYS PAY ATTENTION


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