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In the Klondike Lost Adventure facebook game, there is a bonus, consisting in a mine sweeper game, named Leontius' Mines, that make you get a lot of interesting items, for the game.

Here are some hints about solving it (in a random order). Enjoy.

I will assume that you are NOT a beginner, I'll assume that you are familiar with the simple concept that: if you have TWO mines uncovered near (close to) a "number 2" then you can click every other covered cell near (close to) "that 2"

This particular game, gives you a "free 1st mine" bonus. That is: the very 1st mine you uncover does NOT kick you out of the game.

One example very simple

Youtube video of one solved


The first thing I'd like to suggest, is to start with a middle border cell:

You can get one out of three results: a mine, an 1 or another number.

1) If yopu get "another number" then change completely and choose another "middle border cell" to start from.

2) If you get a mine, then check for the TWO cells immediately next to it, along the border, until you uncover a "1" . Try ONLY two cells near that mine


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