In Windows 10 you can create a USB stick that allows you to log in and reset your password, in case you forget it, or something else happens.

The procedure is very simple: go to the Control Panel, then User Accounts, and you will find this mask:

reimposta password1

in which just click "Create a password reset disk" to access the relative wizard, just remember to have an empty USB key at hand and remember the current password. The nice thing is that this USB stick will work even if you have changed and forgotten it (or an attacker has done the same).

 The problem is when it happens that you click the "Create a password reset disk" link and NOTHING! NOTHING HAPPENS !!

The reason is that the wizard starts up and crashes into a strange state where you don't see it, but it's stuck. Here's what you can do:

Press ALT + TAB together and then release TAB while continuing to press ALT. You should see the list of open programs, as in the image below:

disk reset password wizard

Still holding down the ALT key, with the mouse you have to click on the closing "X" of the password reset unit creation wizard, which you see indicated by the red arrow in the previous image.

Close, with the same method, also any error messages that may appear, relating to the same wizard.

At this point you should be able to go back to the Control Panel - User Accounts and start the wizard correctly.



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