Goliardia: there's not a good translation for this italian word. Maybe it's the complex of habits and behaviors of goliards (aka students, student spirit), which traditionally has been attributed, especially in the past, to a carefree and joyous life tradition, but also to a spirit of spontaneous generosity.

What's genius? ... It's fantasy, intuition, glance and speed of execution!

(from the movie: AMICI MIEI)


And what's a "Ruttagnone"?

He is a member of a "band of bastards, in the pay of the big nose man", a group of joke-boys unleashed through the streets of cities and countryside, ready to laugh and joke, but -above all- ready to help others and each-other, if necessary ...

The Ruttagnons born in the late '80s, in a charming provincial town, when one of them, passing through the car loaded with friends, with car-window down, along a crowded sidewalk, decided that it was time to change the color of the hair of his fellow citizens, through the emission of a guttural digestive sound, of the power of about 98.5 dB ...

This sound, in addition to upsetting the lives of the people who heard it, provoked the hilarious reaction of his companions, one of whom, MIKE, told him "You're just a RUTTAGNONE!"

This happy neologism was adopted unanimously by the small group of bastards, and became immediately their religious beliefs.

From that moment the Ruttagnoni followed a rapid process of cultural growth, which led them to enjoy the best years of their lives, in a succession of crackling targeted actions ...


Note 1: there's not corrispondent english name for this image: it's a "coglioniglio", from the near sound of two italian words for rabbit (CO-NI-GLIO) and testicles (CO-GLIO-NI) = CO-GLIO-NI-GLIO

Note 2: RUTTAGNONE, is from the italian word "RUTTO" that means burp. We can translate "ruttagnone" (more or less) like "BURP-A-HOLIC"

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