Also for my convenience, after years of setting up my PCs and those of an impressive number of friends and acquaintances, I am happy to publish some notes on what should not be missing from a well-made PC.

We are talking about a Windows 7 / Windows 10 PC (I have never liked Windows 8, I have a stable version of Windows 7 PRO running continuously since ... since 2011) And yes, I have been using the same PC since then. I will change it as soon as the pandemic ends, but let's begin.

Please note: this is an amateur guide. But the fact is that ALL the PCs I made or fixed for my friends are stable and remain stable ... despite everything ... 😊

First thing you can't miss in a PC is a good antivirus. Light, fast and reliable, and not annoying...

My choice has always been AVG or AVAST, which today are the same company. I have little to say: they have never let me down, they are light and they work.

The second thing to do is  to separate the operative system from the data. Click onto this link to see, in detail, how to do it.

In a previous article I mentioned the need to keep your PC's data separate from the operating system. Windows offers standard folders where you can sort all the documents and files you may ever need. These folders should be kept on a disk other than the one where the operating system is installed.

It is not mandatory, but - trust me - it is excellent advice. Let's see how:

Well, I was also taken by a small "Sudoku fever", obviously mine is a computer fever ...
So I jumped headlong into creating an Excel program, which would solve even the most complicated Sudoku by itself.
To do this, of course, I had to think of some simple resolution rules, so I said to myself: why not publish them?

Done !

The first version of this site dates back to the early 2000s. In those years we had phones like the Nokia 3110, or 6110, or 8110, the phones were only GSM, they weren't smart, but you could still create and then upload custom ringtones . Typically these were 4-track polyphonic midi, which I created for fun, and then I put on the site, available to other users. I had the Deep Red ringtone, when no one else had it.

Today we have smartphones, and everyone can set an mp3-type ringtone, so it's very easy download and set them. Sometimes it happens, however, that you like a specific passage of a certain song, instead of the whole one. The reason is that otherwise we would listen to this song from the beginning, and not the passage that interests us.

Here are the reasons why, in this article, I will publish some of the old midi ringtones, as "historical memory", and the new ones, which are precise parts of fairly well-known music.

All non-profit, the holders of any rights, contact me via the contact form, in the menu at the top right.

To download them you can click the links, or click with the right button and "save with name" or "save as..."(or other similar)

MIDI Addams' family MIDI Deep Red (Goblins)
MIDI Ufo Robot MIDI Daitarn III
Deep Red Rock (Simonetti) Tunnel of love (Dire Straits)
Sultans of Swing (Dire Straits) Storia d'amore (Adriano Celentano)
Attila (Franz DiCioccio) N.C.I.S.
N.C.I.S. Los Angeles Star Wars Main Theme
Sounds like a melody (Alphaville) Take on me (A-Ha)
Noise of the T.A.R.D.I.S. Doctor Who theme
Piccola Stella (Ultimo) Love of my life (Queen)
Tu sei lei (Ligabue) Una canzone d'amore buttata via (Vasco)



Here - at least in outline - the components of our PC:

In this article I'd like to resume you the components of your PC. With small differences (mainly about dimensions) it's true for Notebook and Tablets too


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