There is an issue on the table of Italian politics that deserves to be examined in the correct light.

There is no doubt that the constituent fathers had their reasons for not envisaging the mandate bond, to leave, to our freely elected representatives, the freedom to act according to knowledge and conscience, in our interest.

Today this question arises again, since it should be clear to most people that none of the scoundrels we have in parliament cares about our interest.

The first fact that I would like to highlight is how the 5 Star Movement was able to vote first for a law, and later, in the same legislature, for its cancellation, thereby giving proof of its complete nonsense. Yes, I am talking about the security decrees, among other things, in the middle of the pandemic, opening the doors to uncontrolled immigration - de facto - does not seem like a good move, but that's wtaht they have done

Today (January 15, 2021) we are witnessing the disgusting thing of Matteo Renzi's blackmail to his own majority. Let me say, Renzi was elected with the votes of the PD, I suppose that many voters of the PD are upset, of course, but they should be more so for the TRUE reason behind this break, and which I identify in two hypotheses.

Hypothesis 1) Renzi simply wants to get his hands on as much of the money from the MES and the Recovery Fund as possible, for private interests, or rather interests that pertain to his personal political side.

Hypothesis 2) Same underlying reason, but Renzi could be guided in hidden way by the PD itself, to create the crisis, without the PD being directly responsible for it, and return to the polls with the secret hope of winning, engulf most of the 5-star votes (destined to become irrelevant) and - at that point - to be able to really get their hands on the swag of European funds.


It seems clear that this represents an INCOMMENSURABLE DANGER for Italy: if this happened, in fact, we would find ourselves having to repay a HUGE loan, without being able to do so, because that money would have been spent in measures that were partially ineffective in making the economy grow. Which - instead - should be done.

It is easy to notice, among the folds of the structure of the destination of funds, in fact, many ideologies dear to the proposing political party, such as green revolutions (we have already seen the flourishing of stupid cycle paths, mobility paralysis), social inclusion and gender policies , things that remain to be understood HOW they will be implemented.

It is clear to everyone how the economy is currently essentially at a standstill, and how we are doing bad debt, which will also be repaid, only to remedy the disasters of this government that was unable to prepare a response plan at the beginning, in 6 months (between April and October 2020). Without understanding that some sectors could and SHOULD remain operational and productive, without lowering their attention to the basic prevention rules, but I suppose that a gym with 50% of members is better than no gym. I suppose that a restaurant's owner prefers to make 50% of covers, rather than fail, and we have seen, in fact, how each of these categories has worked hard to comply with the prevention rules, to receive, in exchange, a stupid closure that we will be called all to pay off.

Not to mention the useless and outrageous curfew at 10pm, generalized, when one and only one rule of common sense was enough: to send the same patrols that today sanction a citizen who - alone - is for a walk, to check instead that no one could create gatherings . It would have been enough (and less damaging to constitutional freedoms) to issue a rule that prevented the stationing of more than 4/5 people spaced less than 2 meters from each other .. This would have made sense.

Instead we are witnessing a useless and cevellotic succession of regulations and prohibitions (illegitimate, among other things, according to many people) ...

My poor Italy ...

Italian title: "Se mi ami sopravvalutami" by Viviana Viviani

The collection of the author, Viviana Viviani, brings with it a breath of fresh air and a series of features that make it absolutely unique, at least in my personal literary landscape (which is not huge, I admit).

The writings reveal an absolute mastery of the Italian language, in all its nuances; a subtle vein of humor, slight slight, just a touch, distributed with an unparalleled sagacity and - at times - in some poems - a "technological" component, typical of Viviana's background, which gives the work a combination of "humanistic" and "science" that makes it absolutely unique.

Who, like me, was endowed with both "sensitivities", can only be captivated by the beauty of the verses that unwind in the brain creating images of rare power. A whirlwind of emotions that drives you to avidly read the next poem, to see what surprises the author has in store, what combinations she has made ... what she "managed to invent".

I cannot fail to quote a single verse, from the poem "Don't send me your dick in chat" (Italian title: "Non mandarmi il tuo c@zzo in chat"), in which, dealing with the subject of unsolicited sending of explicit photos to women, at a certain point it appears, as if by magic this verse:

"Pixel swords drawn into thin air"

Next I will quote the poem “The young printer and the old inkwell” (Italian title: "La giovane stampante ed il vecchio calamaio"), I don't know why, but - in its apparent simplicity, it managed to hit me with really positive emotions.

In short, whether you are a nerd, or a humanist, Viviana Viviani's book cannot and should not be missing in your library.



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Swimming pool, tennis court, five-a-side football, bowls, beach volleyball, table tennis, games for children. You eat very well. Beach 120 seconds away on foot, cot + deckchair + umbrella, bar, inflatable game for children.
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