In these days there's a dispute, in Italy, extended by TV show "Striscia la Notizia" and by newspaper "Libero", it tells that, during the TV Show "Affari Tuoi" ("Deal or not deal"), broadcasted by Rai 1, it happens a strange fact: the boxes with higher prizes would resist TOO OFTEN till the very end of the game; this, for some people, is made on purpose, to rise the suspense and the share. But is it against the probability?
I plunge myself into the close observation of the fact, analyzing by the probability, and - of course! - realizing a nice simulator.
Well now, directly from the website, here's the sequence of the episodes under examination:

Here are some persons I'd like to remember. The reason is all contained and resumed by this quote:

 -" For all of my life I've met almost everything... maybe some honest man, but men only... those never !" 
-" They're just the ones I'm speaking about: meet them almost never, but are the only ones that count!" 
(from movie: My name is Nobody)

Here's the walktrough (solution) of the escape game Whitechamber:

1) Click on dust box, and collect purple blocks

2) Click on shelf and collect the controller

3) click twice on motorcycle and then click on center of engine, collecting yellow chip


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