I received in Facebook this advertising (in Italian, but I think a similar thing may exist in any other part of the world):

Can't you watch Netflix or play your favorite video game because your Wifi is too slow?
tn debunking repeater

Thanks to Wifi Booster you can:

✅ Increase the speed of your Wifi by 97%
✅ Extend the range of your wifi to 200 meters
✅ Watch movies or play online for up to 7 people ...

And I immediately become suspicious, also because it is NOT POSSIBLE TO INCREASE the speed of the home wifi. The maximum possible speed is the one you arrive at by connecting a cable to the router and checking with a speed test site.
When you connect a wifi, a certain loss of signal is physiological, and the further you move away from the router, the more the signal loses quality and, therefore, the speed of the wi-fi drops.
What can be done is only one thing: take the signal where it is still good and repeat it in the rest of the house. And it is what this object does, infact it's just a normal wi-fi repeater.

I connected to the site to which this advertisement referred, and I did not find any Italian VAT number. I looked for who the domain was registered to, and I didn't find it.
I look at the price and understand everything. This item "with the fabulous 50% discount" is on sale at 59 € !!

I don't add anything else, you can check for yourself, on amazon or on another site, how much a good wi-fi repeater should cost. (I tell you, about 30 €, and take a good one)

In the photo below you can see the real price of the repeater in question (at least: the photo is the same)


tn debunking repeater2

   Moral of the story: ALWAYS PAY ATTENTION


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